2015: The start of a new road for telco, Part 2

by Lars Månsson Feb 03, 2015

In my blog last week, I started to lay out my thoughts and predictions for how the industry would shape up in the year ahead.  Here are the remaining trends that I suspect will take root over the coming twelve months.

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Policing Voice over LTE - high voltage opportunity, don’t get burned

by Jonas Wejdin Nov 12, 2012

With full rollout of 4G LTE networks globally coming in 2013, Voice is threatening to become the killer app that redefines the communications landscape. If, as predicted, Voice over LTE takes off, the service provider’s traditional hand could quickly become significantly devalued in an entirely new, high-stakes poker game for market share. In the data network, minutes won’t matter anymore meaning traditional billing and charging paradigms (and their supporting BSS infrastructures) could become irrelevant while, simultaneously, mediation – the means of collecting and aggregating the data – will come to the fore as that challenge takes on new dimensions.

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