EUW Day 2: Learning From Experience

by Keith Brody Oct 05, 2017

Among the many immediately noticeable features of the landscape at European Utility Week is the presence of a growing number of telco application providers of which, though DigitalRoute technology is fundamentally industry agnostic, we might be seen as one.

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At European Utility Week, Excitement. Really.

by Keith Brody Oct 04, 2017

The pace of change, indeed the appetite to act progressively, has traditionally not been noted as a characteristic of the utilities industry. But if European Utility Week, the trade gathering currently taking place in Amsterdam, is anything to go by that may be changing. And fast.

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Leveraging Utilities Data: The (Immediate) Benefits

by Keith Brody Jul 24, 2017

In the first two blogs in this series, we established the importance of managing data to the success of the digital transformation process. Having done so, in the next two blogs we will look at the beneficial outcomes that can be accrued by deploying effective data integration and management technology. To do this, we’ll examine the impact of such applications in actual deployments.

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Data Integration and Management for Utilities: The Whats and Whys

by Keith Brody Jul 17, 2017

In the first blog in this series written for utilities, we wrote about the importance of leveraging data to the success of Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation strategies and we established that deploying the right technology in this area of business was a vital component of digital success. In this second blog, we’ll look at what that technology provides; what does it need to do and what are the features and functions that you want to look out for when acquiring and implementing it?

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IoT and Digitization: A Question of Data

by Keith Brody Jul 10, 2017

Most of us are more than familiar with buzzwords like the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and “digitization”. What’s less clear to many is what’s required to leverage the opportunities these technology advances offer. Neither the IoT nor the process of transforming into digital service provision is a “plug and play” process though, if successfully completed, both can be transformative for the utility, dramatically increasing business.

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