Bandwith API: A Use Case for Partner-Driven Telco Services

by Lars Månsson Nov 03, 2014

Let’s end this series of blogs on the new Partner paradigm in telco with an example Use Case that we'll call Bandwidth API.

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The new Partnership-Reliant, Data-Driven telco world.

by Lars Månsson Oct 29, 2014

How does it really work?

We ended the last blog by pointing out that common to all of the groups in the new partner ecosystem that we foresee emerging in telco as well as in the partner services within them is that real-time data processing and decisioning, data collection, network KPI and usage calculation, monitoring and finally the "actionable" concept are implicit requirements.

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CSP’s – What's on your mind?

by Thomas Vasen Sep 28, 2014

If you’re a CSP, what’s your operational focus right now? We’ve seen this question asked at industry events a number of times recently.

According to a Time Warner’s representative at one show we attended, it’s Customer Experience Management (CEM), improving the experience and thus, ultimately, improving retention.

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Has the Software-Defined Operator arrived?

by Thomas Vasen Sep 26, 2014

There is much talk in the industry of the “Software-Defined Operator”, a line of thought that argues that by 2018 the PSTN will have died and IP will be the universal language.

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Agile is the new BIG!

by Thomas Vasen Sep 25, 2014

“Big”, in the European telecoms landscape, means rapidly growing Internet traffic and high operator density. This creates a Catch-22; investment is required to re-configure legacy infrastructure to deliver success. But intense competition makes it a difficult time to raise funds.

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"BIG” Telecom? Really?

by Thomas Vasen Sep 24, 2014

The choice of name for LightReading’s recent telecom event, which DigitalRoute attended in Chicago, was interesting. 

“Big” is always a popular choice when it comes to grabbing people’s attention. But from the start, I wondered about the event name. Isn’t telco success in these days of Next Generation Services supposed to be all about being agile, fast moving, and lean? In other words, what’s “big” got to do with it?

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