CSP’s – What's on your mind?

by Thomas Vasen Sep 28, 2014

If you’re a CSP, what’s your operational focus right now? We’ve seen this question asked at industry events a number of times recently.

According to a Time Warner’s representative at one show we attended, it’s Customer Experience Management (CEM), improving the experience and thus, ultimately, improving retention.

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Has the Software-Defined Operator arrived?

by Thomas Vasen Sep 26, 2014

There is much talk in the industry of the “Software-Defined Operator”, a line of thought that argues that by 2018 the PSTN will have died and IP will be the universal language.

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The Importance of Extreme Scaling

by Thomas Vasen Jun 18, 2013

One of the ramifications of network evolution is that mediation systems  are increasingly called upon to address OSS-related Use Cases where once the more common requirement was to meet traditional, BSS-related cases. This is largely because with more and more individualized and complex service packages prevalent in today’s market, the need for CSP’s to understand their subscriber’s experience is increasing. The view they need must be delivered regardless of the technology or network the service is delivered over, and it serves as a means of managing customer satisfaction and by extension reducing churn.

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SNMP Collection…another string in horizontal mediation bow…

by Tord Nilsson Feb 11, 2013

The traverse across the data landscape that already touches on billing mediation, usage management, policy control and other related applications has, here at DigitalRoute, now arrived at SNMP and the collection of this data. The information in this landscape adds another, and significant, string to the MediationZone bow. 

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