Telco Virtualization: Bottoms up and Tops Down. Seriously

by Keith Brody Nov 08, 2017

Here’s the third (and final) part of our review of Heavy Reading’s recent OSS in the Era of NFV/SDN conference in London. Even if the event raised many more questions than it provided answers, that alone is a pointer to the present state of virtualisation in telco networks.

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Reflections from Berlin: Use-cases for Policy Control, supporting market innovation, rapid and lean deployment

by Lars Månsson May 11, 2015

I published some of my initial thoughts from Berlin, where I attended Informa’s recent Policy Control conference, a couple of weeks ago. Having now had a little more time to reflect on various conversations, here’s a little more analysis and insight.

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Highlights from the Policy Conference in Berlin

by Lars Månsson Apr 24, 2015

Last week, I attended (and participated in a panel discussion at) Informa’s Policy event in Berlin.  Some interesting discussion points were raised.  Here are my thoughts on some of them in a two-part blog, the second half of which will be published next week.

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The New Generation of Policy Control

by Lars Månsson Apr 10, 2015

No longer fragile, the new generation of Policy Control solutions mean agility enables improved subscriber relationships

PCRF 1.0 (the first generation of Policy solutions) mainly used enforcement as a means of enabling the telco to leverage the fragile relationship it has with its customers. 

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