2015: The start of a new road for telco, Part 2

by Lars Månsson Feb 03, 2015

In my blog last week, I started to lay out my thoughts and predictions for how the industry would shape up in the year ahead.  Here are the remaining trends that I suspect will take root over the coming twelve months.

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Bandwith API: A Use Case for Partner-Driven Telco Services

by Lars Månsson Nov 03, 2014

Let’s end this series of blogs on the new Partner paradigm in telco with an example Use Case that we'll call Bandwidth API.

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The new Partnership-Reliant, Data-Driven telco world.

by Lars Månsson Oct 29, 2014

How does it really work?

We ended the last blog by pointing out that common to all of the groups in the new partner ecosystem that we foresee emerging in telco as well as in the partner services within them is that real-time data processing and decisioning, data collection, network KPI and usage calculation, monitoring and finally the "actionable" concept are implicit requirements.

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