MWC 2018 - On Fit- For-Purpose DSP Integration Platforms

by Keith Brody Feb 24, 2018

I’m tempted to insert a link here – click if you’re still reading this blog – because rumour has it that when the word “platform” appears in a technology conversation, the usual reaction among participants is “run”. In the opposite direction.

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MWC 2018 - Digital disruption: So What is Being Disrupted

by Keith Brody Feb 23, 2018

I have a feeling, and it doesn’t exactly make me prescient, that we’ll be hearing a lot about “digital disruption” in Barcelona at MWC 2018 next week. Conversations on the subject will doubtless run the gamut of familiar subjects: Infrastructure disruption, services disruption, business model disruption, delivery mechanism disruption, you name it. What do they all involve? And all fueled by the journey (quest) to becoming a Digital Services Provider.

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MWC 2018 - Creating a Better Future (But Not For You) Continued..

by Keith Brody Feb 22, 2018

There’s a strong rumour that the “better future” that we’ll (and by “we”, I mean the telecoms industry collectively) be discussing in Barcelona next week won’t include BSS and OSS, at least as we know them. This immediately throws up two questions worthy of attention:

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MWC 2018 - Creating a Better Future (But Not For You) Continued

by Keith Brody Feb 14, 2018

BSS and OSS stacks are, on the cusp of MWC2018 and in the face of network and service evolution, either in a mess or performing sub-optimally (take your pick). There seems little point in engaging in a lengthy debate about which of those assertions is nearer to the truth when the general consensus seems to be that either way the status quo has to change. The question is how?

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MWC 2018 - Creating a Better Future (But Not For You!)

by Keith Brody Feb 13, 2018

It’s that time again.

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Reflections on Mobile World Congress 2017

by Keith Brody Mar 31, 2017

A month after the doors closed on MWC 2017, initial impressions having bedded in, seems a reasonable amount of time to have taken reflect upon the state on the telecoms nation in the wake of the industry’s annual benchmark event.

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Blog MWC. Experience-Based Charging 

by Keith Brody Mar 01, 2017

In my errant professional youth, which is to say early in my career, I spent some years as a circulation director in the magazine industry, back in the days when the news came printed on paper and publications were sent by mail to subscribers. Every Monday, the logistics business apparently being as nascent as the publishing one (at least in comparison to where we are now), we would brace ourselves for the inevitable volley of complaints from unhappy readers who hadn’t received their weekly digest in the post. You’d be surprised how upset many of them got.

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Blog MWC Day 1, part 2

by Keith Brody Feb 28, 2017

In the last blog, the first from Mobile World Congress, I outlined the exercise of creating a new taxonomy for telco infrastructure (BSS and OSS, or otherwise) and our thoughts on the subject. This, perhaps predictably, led into the question of who would supply the various components in the taxonomy and how would they do it.

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The Next Element – Mobile World Congress Day One

by Keith Brody Feb 27, 2017

Commercial life is a quest for repeat business and Mobile World Congress is nothing if not that. As Day 1 of the world’s largest telco gathering starts, for those of us in attendance there’s that lingering sense of déjà vu all over again! This year’s telco-fest is presented under the banner “The Next Element” to which, at DigitalRoute, we might add “…only represents progress if it can communicate with the one that came before it”. This observation might be cynical were the truth of it not so often taken for granted and the reality thus so often problematic.

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Big Data and Football. No, Seriously

by Keith Brody Feb 24, 2017

Mid-February and the onset of Mobile World Congress once again finds me struggling to incorporate some sort of football angle into a blog about data integration. Think of it as my annual homage to Barcelona, or something like that.

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