Dynamic Connectivity Management

by Lars Månsson Jul 20, 2016


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KPI Management

by Lars Månsson Jul 14, 2016


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Mobile World Congress 2016 - Reflections

by Keith Brody Mar 16, 2016

Looking Back on Barcelona 2016

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Toward Barcelona: More Messi But Less Messy

by Keith Brody Feb 19, 2016

In the last blog, written as those of us in telco head towards Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, I drew parallells between Barcelona’s football team and issues in data integration (no small feat, some have said!)  Continuing on that theme but broadening it somewhat, I think there’s another football metaphor that explains the role of data integration in telco rather well.

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Towards Barcelona: Lionel Messi meets NFV

by Keith Brody Feb 17, 2016

As if Mobile World Congress weren’t reason enough to focus on Barcelona, I found myself spending yesterday evening idly watching the city’s (very good) football team strut its stuff on the television. I don’t think I’m sticking my neck out in saying they’re the best in the world by a rather comfortable distance. Anyway, I thought their performance last night was somewhat analgous to that of our communications industry which, on the eve of MWC, seems an appropriate comparison.

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2016/2017 Big Years for OSS Mediation: Elaborating on What I Think Lies Ahead

by Ola Billinger Dec 17, 2015

I was recently asked for my predictions about what the future will hold for OSS Mediation technology.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to elaborate on my predictions for readers specifically involved in Operational Support questions.

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KPI Management: OSS Network's Potential is Tapped!

by Ola Billinger Oct 30, 2015

Although OSS Mediation is both a new product and to some extent a new concept – as we have demonstrated in recent blogs, it continues to grow and in the process increase and extend its value as a source of OSS integration.  One way it’s doing this is KPI Management,

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MediationZone 7.2: Where, what, how, why?!

by Lars Månsson Sep 29, 2015

You’ll no doubt have noticed through one communications medium or another (not least on this website itself) that we’ve just released version 7.2 of our MediationZone technology.

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