Blog Series: Deploying an NFV: Part 3

by Thomas Brännström May 30, 2016

In the previous two blogs in this series, we’ve raised a number of issues that we’d advise you to address when deploying Mediation as a VNF in an NFV infrastructure.  We’ll conclude our guidance in this article, with the second part of our look at the specifics of an actual deployment.  Once again, remember that this isn’t intended to be a comprehensive checklist for NFV success; our aim in this blog series is to alert you to important considerations in advance of the task at hand.

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Blog Series: Deploying an NFV: Some more things to think about

by Thomas Brännström May 27, 2016

In our last blog, we raised some general points readers might want to think about when deploying Mediation as a VNF in an NFV infrastructure. We’ll continue that theme here, but move on to issues directly related to the specifics of an actual deployment. Remember, this isn’t a comprehensive checklist for NFV success: our aim in this blog series is to alert you to important considerations in advance of the task at hand.

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Blog Series: Mediation in NFV: Some things to think about when it comes to deployment (Part 1)

by Thomas Brännström Apr 22, 2016

Picking up from the previous article, in this blog we’ll begin look in more detail into MediationZone deployed as a VNF in an NFV Infrastructure, provided by an NFV-I vendor. Our goal here is to give you some question of questions you will want to answered to deliver a successful NFV implementation. This is not an exhaustive checklist, but it does highlight key considerations if you are to achieve your goals.

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Blog Series: Why go Virtual and what’s involved?

by Thomas Brännström Apr 18, 2016

In the first two blogs in this series we touched the differences between Cloud deployments and NFV scenarios. In general terms, the latter is one manifestation of the former. Now, let’s dig into a little more detail about the different “flavours” of deployment involved and the choices the telco faces when it comes to virtual deployment.

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Blog Series: Getting to Grips with NFV part 2 - Infrastructure

by Thomas Brännström Apr 01, 2016

In the first blog, we noted that ETSI is leading the NFV standardisation process.  To some extent, because it’s software based rather than physical (i.e. what’s being standardised in the case of NFV is a function and also its attendant interface so defining what the function should do and how the interface should look are not of equal importance), this means the horse of standardisation doesn’t need so strictly to come before the cart of deployment.  This to some extent explains why early NFV installations are rife before standards are finalised.  

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Blog Series: Getting to Grips with NFV

by Thomas Brännström Mar 30, 2016

In this new series of blogs, we’ll be getting to grips with Network Function Virtualisation (NFV): What it is, why it may be a desirable strategy for building out infrastructure and what it means to the DigitalRoute community of telco service providers. Plus, of course, what steps need to be taken to capitalise on the revenue opportunity that NFV affords.

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Taking Control Means Informed Decision-Making

by Thomas Brännström Oct 23, 2015

So, having got usage of mediation applications and Rapid Failure Enablement off my chest (you can read those blogs here and here, time to finally get around to the Cloud, which is what the recent webinar (listen to it here) actually addressed.  More to the point, if we’re talking about the Cloud, why are we talking about mediation?

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by Thomas Brännström Oct 20, 2015

Another issue that came up during our recent webinar was “the cost of failure.”  As the great Irish dramatist and absurdist, Samuel Beckett, wrote:

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DATA INTEGRATION AND THE CLOUD: An answer to the question, “what are you selling?”

by Thomas Brännström Oct 16, 2015

Some of you will have attended our recent Cloud webinar.  Those of you who didn’t can join the large number who’ve listened to or downloaded the recording over the past week.  You can find it here.

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In the Cloud, yes. But INTEGRATED? Meeting the challenge of Cloud Federation

by Thomas Brännström Jun 26, 2015

Cloud news has focused on being “in the Cloud” and has mainly left it at that. But the really story is about more than the virtualization of applications and functions and whether to public or hybrid Clouds. And more than what influences the decision about which direction to follow.

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