Taking Control Means Informed Decision-Making

by Thomas Brännström Oct 23, 2015

So, having got usage of mediation applications and Rapid Failure Enablement off my chest (you can read those blogs here and here, time to finally get around to the Cloud, which is what the recent webinar (listen to it here) actually addressed.  More to the point, if we’re talking about the Cloud, why are we talking about mediation?

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by Thomas Brännström Oct 20, 2015

Another issue that came up during our recent webinar was “the cost of failure.”  As the great Irish dramatist and absurdist, Samuel Beckett, wrote:

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DATA INTEGRATION AND THE CLOUD: An answer to the question, “what are you selling?”

by Thomas Brännström Oct 16, 2015

Some of you will have attended our recent Cloud webinar.  Those of you who didn’t can join the large number who’ve listened to or downloaded the recording over the past week.  You can find it here.

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In the Cloud, yes. But INTEGRATED? Meeting the challenge of Cloud Federation

by Thomas Brännström Jun 26, 2015

Cloud news has focused on being “in the Cloud” and has mainly left it at that. But the really story is about more than the virtualization of applications and functions and whether to public or hybrid Clouds. And more than what influences the decision about which direction to follow.

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