Singing in Octaves: Mediation Evolves

by Keith Brody May 10, 2017

The musically inclined among readers of this blog might instinctively read greater significance into the release this week of MediationZone 8.0 by DigitalRoute than, perhaps, their less musical counterparts would or they themselves might into either versions 7 or 9.

Why? This is because the number eight, for musicians, is important. It represents, among other things, a measure of “containment”-the interval of an octave. The male and female voices sit a naturally occuring octave apart. An octave is the simplest interval in music; the easiest on the ear (which tends to hear a note repeated an octave apart as pleasingly the same, a perfect harmonic interval). Common scales denote the intervals within an octave. And so on.

The point here is that MediationZone version 8.0, if I can push the metaphor, perhaps can be seen to begin a new octave in the evolution of DigitalRoute’s technology. The first set of eight notes has been completed. A new set is beginning, and in a different key. Let’s see why this might be the case.

As commerce changes-and it has changed with growing speed in recent years-so the demands placed on data integration and management technology have grown and changed with it. This, of course, is inevitable. But to accommodate these changes, at some point a software product’s newest version inevitably ceases to be just a better performing manifestation of it’s old self but, rather, an incarnation that’s more fundmanetally new. One that has evolved to become fit for an increasingly different purpose. 


I don’t propose to argue that MediationZone v.8 has to be seen in this way but in so far as it is designed and improved to accommodate the newly evolved commercial landscape in which enterprises today find themselves operating, it certainly can be. If we look closely at the developments in the new release, we can see why.

INSIGHTS have become everything. With data, it’s not only what you collect but how quickly and easily you can access what it tells you that matters.  The new System Insight dashboard in MZ v8 allows data processed by MediationZone to be easily and quickly visualized in a way that can drive insights into service logic, processing, and performance. The System User can quickly isolate and see whatever information is deemed critical to their own unique needs.

Operational ACCURACY is paramount. 8.0s new Conditional Tracing provides a flow-based mechanism for real-time processing. Incoming data records can easily be compared with a configurable trace filter for trouble shooting, verification and debugging purposes. System Users can quickly and easily define the parameters of any search making it easy to identify and resolve errors.

Handling VOLUME is table stakes. Scalable Batch Transaction Service in 8.0 means the removal of existing limitations on storing batch transaction state. This is critical to support the unlimited number of file transactions per second that are increasingly common requirements and thus to deliver industry-leading scalability.

Accomodating and/or easing deployment in the CLOUD has become mandatory. Even for those enterprises not yet leveraging virtualisation in one way or another, being in position to do so in the near future has become more or less prerequisite.  Enhanced Compatibility for Cloud Deployments through new agent that support RESTful communication is central to 8.0. This simplifies connectivity to any RESTFul enabled application such as those commonly found in Cloud and other “modern” IT environments.

What else? There’s a considerable amount of newly published material-incuding two further blogs-that can be accessed via the links below, into MediationZone 8.0.  

To return to musical metaphor, perhaps the new version of DigitalRoute’s market-leading technology represents the transition from the classical to the modern era (of mediation).

If you have any questions about MediationZone 8.0 click  here: 

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