Operational Efficiency: The Trouble With Progress...

by Keith Brody Jun 22, 2017

In theory, the development of network technology can be characterized as progressive. Speed and capacity increase, service innovation is facilitated, new business models are enabled, profitability increases and so on. At least in theory that’s what happens. 

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Why Experience Matters - Part 2

by Keith Brody Jun 21, 2017

We ended the first part of this blog series about Experienced Based Charging by explaining how, when customer experience proves unacceptable or below identified thresholds (regardless of whether the customer expresses dissatisfaction or not), mitigating action could and should be immediately taken.

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Why Experience Matters - Part 1

by Keith Brody Jun 21, 2017

Although churn is a global issue in the telecoms industry, a detailed look at the problem in a single market is instructive in putting it into context. 

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Improvements in MediationZone 8.0: Systems Insights

by Keith Brody May 12, 2017

A second critical advance in MediationZone v8.0, System Insight delivers a new reporting dashboard.  This enhances both the ease of use and value delivered by the product.  In System Insight, key performance Information specified by the MediationZone user is displayed in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand format. Both system-related and dataflow-aware information can be displayed.

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Singing in Octaves: Mediation Evolves

by Keith Brody May 10, 2017

The musically inclined among readers of this blog might instinctively read greater significance into the release this week of MediationZone 8.0 by DigitalRoute than, perhaps, their less musical counterparts would or they themselves might into either versions 7 or 9.

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Improvements in MediationZone 8.0: Conditional Tracing

by Keith Brody May 04, 2017


In this series of blogs we’ll be talking about two MediationZone enhancements that are central to the upcoming release 8.0, as well as giving an overview of the full release itself in the last article.  As we’ll see, these improvements help the system user in a number of areas including improving performance and easing maintenance.

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GDPR is Europe's Answer to a Global Question. It Won't be the Only One…

by Keith Brody Apr 27, 2017

The most pressing response to the question of data protection at the moment may come in the form of the European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that’s set to take effect next year, but we believe businesses outside the continent would be well advised to take heed. It’s unlikely that Europe’s new regulations in this area will be confined to any one geography. 

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How to Address the Requirements of GDPR

by Keith Brody Apr 26, 2017

Europe is gearing up for the arrival next year (on May 25th, 2018 to be exact) of its new data protection standard, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  While the focus here is regional and it’s European companies that have to respond to the new law, the reality is that data protection is a global issue and stringent regulatory requirements worldwide are making anonymization functionality table stakes both from an operational and data integration and management software perspective.

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Four Questions to Ask Your Mediation Vendor

by Danniel Elmbear Apr 11, 2017

In this blog, I’ll look at application performance in the context of mediation drawing on experience from over 350 DigitalRoute deployments.  Rather than try to weigh up an extremely broad set of possible features and functions and modes of execution, many of which may be reasonably similar to each other among competing products on the market, I will try to suggest some questions the telco might ask itself when reviewing its purchasing alternatives or, indeed, ask the vendor of the products themselves what they actually make available (in this example, off-the-shelf). Here, thus, is a list to ponder:

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Re-Casting the Mediation Decision: It's More Than You Think

by Danniel Elmbear Apr 10, 2017

If you try to talk about mediation to pretty much anyone except those people who work in billing mediation you’re likely to be met with a blank stare and a rapid excuse about “having to run because I’m on my way to a meeting.” For those of us in the mediation vendor community, this could be depressing. I mean, talk to an industry analyst if you want to know how bad our lot is: they’ll tell you that next to mediation, researching billing applications is downright glamorous. Fortunately for us, though, they’re wrong. And if you take that view of the importance of mediation, you’re wrong too. Let me explain.

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