MWC 2018 - Creating a Better Future (But Not For You) Continued

by Keith Brody Feb 14, 2018

BSS and OSS stacks are, on the cusp of MWC2018 and in the face of network and service evolution, either in a mess or performing sub-optimally (take your pick). There seems little point in engaging in a lengthy debate about which of those assertions is nearer to the truth when the general consensus seems to be that either way the status quo has to change. The question is how?

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MWC 2018 - Creating a Better Future (But Not For You!)

by Keith Brody Feb 13, 2018

It’s that time again.

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Integrating Everything Blog Series: Integration is this year's new black

by Keith Brody Feb 09, 2018

2018 for CIOs brings pressure to deliver digital transformation. This means that speeding up, scaling and distributing integration capabilities across organizations is the poster child of evolving job descriptions, the “new black”. You don't have to look for to see why this is the case but for the record:

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IoToday Blog Series: IoT: Where do I start?

by Keith Brody Feb 07, 2018

IoT threatens to be a familiar story for IT leaders. Yes, it’s disruptive. IoT can unlock both opportunity and value. And no, it’s not an easy model to transition to. This may be why to date relatively few best IoT practices have emerged and while IoT is far from sound and fury signifiying nothing, the something that it does signify remains unclear. Faced with this reality, technology leaders need to identify the compelling business value IoT Use Cases will deliver. And for now, they’d do well to focus on those that deliver quickly ideally with results quantifiable within the first year.

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Uncomplicating Cloud Blog Series: Cloud is Complicated

by Keith Brody Jan 31, 2018

Cloud computing may no longer be new but as is often the case with technology advances, enabling infrastructure hasn’t caught up with concept. So that aspect of virtualisation either is, or is is still moving towards, becoming something different. It’s usually the latter-enablement struggling to keep up with present reality and not being “there” yet.  Because there is an urgency about transitioning to the Cloud, this “moving towards” needs to happen quickly.  Complicating things here is that Cloud computing affects virtually all aspects of IT. Most consider it to be central to future success — digital business, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), algorithmic business and bimodal IT are all Cloud-dependent. But the “how to” question still, for most, remains.

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Telco Virtualization: Bottoms up and Tops Down. Seriously

by Keith Brody Nov 08, 2017

Here’s the third (and final) part of our review of Heavy Reading’s recent OSS in the Era of NFV/SDN conference in London. Even if the event raised many more questions than it provided answers, that alone is a pointer to the present state of virtualisation in telco networks.

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Policy and Machine Learning in Virtualized Network: Not if, but When (and how?)

by Keith Brody Nov 07, 2017

Our last blog started our review of Heavy Reading’s OSS in the Era of NFV/SDN conference in London. Here, we continue with our report which, as already mentioned suggests that the state of the two virtualisation technologies in telco presently raises many more questions than it provides answers.

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NFV/SDN is Clear as Mud

by Keith Brody Nov 06, 2017

If Heavy Reading’s OSS in the Era of NFV/SDN conference in London yesterday is any barometer, the state of the two virtualisation technologies in telco is, well, as clear as mud. As analyst James Crawshaw put it in his introductory presentation, in ‘Hype Cycle’ terms we are in the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’. There’s not much hype about that.

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EUW Day 2: Learning From Experience

by Keith Brody Oct 05, 2017

Among the many immediately noticeable features of the landscape at European Utility Week is the presence of a growing number of telco application providers of which, though DigitalRoute technology is fundamentally industry agnostic, we might be seen as one.

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At European Utility Week, Excitement. Really.

by Keith Brody Oct 04, 2017

The pace of change, indeed the appetite to act progressively, has traditionally not been noted as a characteristic of the utilities industry. But if European Utility Week, the trade gathering currently taking place in Amsterdam, is anything to go by that may be changing. And fast.

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