TMForum Live! Asia Blog Series - Digitization? Well, Yes and No. And Not Yet

by Keith Brody Dec 09, 2016

The second day of TMForum Live! in Singapore started with some sanguine observations about digitization, going beneath the headlines and plumbing the realities of what a sucessful digital transformation entails. Among the conclusions, flying solo isn’t going to be the best approach. 

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TMForum Live! Asia Blog Series - Prefacing the Internet of Things

by Keith Brody Dec 08, 2016

Discussions around the “hot” topic of the Internet of Things (IoT) at TMForum Live! in Singapore this week have displayed a refreshing lack of hubris given the telco industry’s collective predisposition for announcing every innovation as a game-changer. That may be because in the race to zero where the aspect of connectivity is concerned, there’s less of a vested interest in exaggeration but regardless, it’s clear that IoT remains embryonic and its prevalence is some time away yet.

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TMForum Live! Asia Blog Series - Spread the Love! Customer Centricity is Here

by Keith Brody Dec 07, 2016

TelecomForum Asia Live in Singapore kicked off today with questions of digitization at the front of mind. These are being tackled from various perspectives; customer centricity, innovative services and agility among them. 

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In Asia, Investments in Network Infrastructure Drive Market Opportunity...and Integration Challenges

by Keith Brody Dec 02, 2016

The analyst firm Analysys Mason concludes in a recently published report, Pay-Tv services in emerging Asia–Pacific: trends and forecasts 2016–2021, that: "Significant fibre investment plans in countries such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia will enable IPTV services to be bundled with fixed broadband; the resulting take-up will be high."

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So, You Want to Enable Innovation. Don't we all? 

by Keith Brody Dec 01, 2016

Innovation emerged as a key theme at the recent APAC MVNO conference. And in other news, are we finally moving beyond the hype?

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Consolidated Data Repositories Require "Smart Data" to Work Effectively

by Ola Billinger Nov 27, 2016

When discussing data, most often we tend to focus on the “last step” of the data journey. That’s no surprise because it’s where the most pressing action usually is. This is almost always the point at which, regardless of the individual Use Case, the data becomes monetized. The northbound application in these contexts could be Billing (billing mediation), it could be Analytics or performance or traffic management (OSS mediation) or it could be CRM, feeding SAP Hana or likewise. The common element is the pre-processing of data prior to an immediate, subsequent action.

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Hybrid and Dynamic Environments Will Lead To Challenges. In Fact, They Already Are

by Ola Billinger Nov 25, 2016

Whether virtualization proves transitory or permanent (at present, the path is clearer than the eventual destination of the journey) the immediate future for telco is certain to be based on hybrid networks. By “hybrid environments,” I mean both legacy and NFV stacks operating side-by-side or, for that matter, different NFV stacks with interworking between them despite not being entirely settled or standardized.  This situation, as you can imagine, presents some challenges.

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Utility Week Blog Series: Fueling Productive Energy. Now!

by Keith Brody Nov 10, 2016

In the two preceding blogs we’ve looked at what modern energy utilities need to achieve commercial success and why many are struggling to deliver in the face of outdated legacy IT infrastructures. In this blog we’ll start to move from identifying the problem to outlining a solution.

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Utility Week Blog Series: I.T. Is Running Out Of Energy In More Ways Than One

by Keith Brody Nov 07, 2016

In the previous blog, we established that as energy networks evolve to become smarter and more distributed, legacy IT infrastructures haven’t been able to keep up. In this blog, we’ll look in a little more detail about why that’s the case.

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Utility Week Blog Series: In Energy, Advanced Networks Mean Time Is Running Out For Legacy IT

by Keith Brody Nov 03, 2016

Technology innovation is changing the landscape across industry borders. In the energy utilities sectors, for instance, transformation is happening in the form of distributed assets and evolved technologies (think smart grids, for example.) These are changing traditional ways of doing business.

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